Fast Facts

What does KAPE do particularly well?

KAPE specializes in:

  • Early grade reading
  • Charter school development
  • Inclusive education, community outreach and engagement
  • Information Technology & Communications tools and software to enable improved learning outcomes
  • Education research and national education policy and resource development
  • School leadership and teacher training
  • Program planning and delivery at primary, secondary and tertiary levels
  • Vocational scholarships, including STEM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Youth development and life skills education
Why is KAPE viewed as a leader and trusted partner in education in Cambodia?

KAPE is:

  • Cambodia’s largest and most experienced local education NGO
  • Committed to a collaborative approach with government, international and local partners and communities
  • A laboratory of innovation
  • A progressive organization which has embraced technology and e-learning

We are proud of our contribution to education policy reform, our strongly committed, professional leadership and stafff, and our ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders to make change happen!

What factors are essential to continuous improvement for Cambodia’s education system?

Key Success Factors:

  • Sustained funding to support continuous improvement
  • Strengthening of school system governance,  leadership ad management
  • Engaged stakeholders and collaborative partnerships
  • Vocational and soft skills which improve family income, enable employment opportunities and encourage personal development


Primary Schools


High Schools