Past Projects

Education for Youth Empowerment (EYE)

Project Description:


The project aims to socially and economically empower in and out of school rural children and youth, especially girls, aged 12-24 years in 4 rural communes, comprising of 77 villages, in Ou Reang Ov district in Kampong Cham Province. These children and youth need life skills development and employ ability related skills, information and knowledge on labour market and opportunities and options for vocational and technical training, gainful employment or livelihood development. Plans.


To empower vulnerable youth in rural and urban areas through education and training to become active economic, social and political citizens.

Geographical Coverage


The project will first be piloted in Kg Cham. After pilot stage in Kg Cham, the project plans to expand to Prey Veng and Koh Kong based on the available budget.

Sectors Covered


Primary Education Sector: To promote transition to secondary school

Secondary Education Sector: To promote more relevant education

Non-Formal Sector: To empower out-of-school youth

Vocational Training:  To enable Labor Force Integration


Target Groups


The target group consists of at least 4,392youth (2,071 girls) ranging in age from 12 to 24 years old in Ou Reang Ovdistrict (Kampong Cham province), both in and out of school.


Key Interventions


Economic Empowerment 

  1. Establishment of operating career guidance systems that can be accessed by both in and out of school youth
  2. Life Skills programming operational in all target schools based on specific criteria that define operational
  3. Outreach networks for out-of-school youth.
  4. Schools operating social enterprises operated by youth.
  5. Referral systems for of out-of-school to TVET institutions

Social Empowerment


  1. Action research activities led by youth in place
  2. Student Councils in all schools are operational and leading social change in their schools and communities.
  3. Peer support networks focused on reducing social problems such as drug abuse, dropout, etc.
  4. Commune Councils providing Investment Funds for youth activities that promote social change led by youth.
  5. Parliamentary visits.
  6. Debate clubs in all schools
  7. Watchdog groups led by youth.
  8. Designated youth representatives participate regularly in commune council meetings.

Supported by

Save the Children




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High Schools


Higher Education Institutions