Past Projects

Improved Basic Education in Cambodia (IBEC) Project

Project Description


The IBEC Project is a 5-year project funded by USAID through World Education piloting innovative interventions that promote access and quality. School assistance is provided over a 3-year development cycle to help ensure sustainability. It began it 2009.


The project assists local authorities to provide improved services to schools including access to computer and science facilities, renovated libraries, health screening and referral, counseling networks, child help networks (e.g. peer tutoring), scholarships, and infrastructure upgrading, to name a few.


IBEC’s Four Technical Components


  1. Capacity-building for LNGOs and Local Government
  2. More Equitable School Access
  3. Improved School Management and Community Engagement
  4. Improved Educational Relevance


The IBEC project is KAPE’s largest project and provides holistic development support to many schools including scholarships for poor children, remedial assistance for children with special learning needs, library development, teacher training, life skills education,child-to-child help networks, children’s councils, girls’ counselors, and infrastructure support. 


Through a combination of inputs across many dimensions, school efficiency in terms of dropout and repetition has been greatly reduced. The project has increased educational relevance through a combination of life skills programming, computer and science lab establishment, scholarship support, and infrastructure upgrading.


IBEC Supported by USAID / World Education






Primary Schools


High Schools


Higher Education Institutions