Putting ICT To Work for Cambodian Children and Youth


KAPE has developed a toolkit of best-of-breed learning software and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions which engage and stimulate young minds and enable improved learning outcomes.  Working closely with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS), KAPE ensures that these learning solutions support the current curricula and that students learn according to their individual needs and abilities.


Promoting Self-Learning


Aan Khmer (or “Read Khmer”) is a self-learning program with 30 units closely linked to the Ministry’s Reading Benchmarks for Grades 1 and 2.  Students can progress to the next unit once they have successfully completed all tasks in the current unit.  The software allows both teachers and students to track student progress.


Reading At The Right Level (Pilot Program)


Smart Books are electronic reading textbooks with content based on Ministry text books for Grades 2 and 3 at three reading levels. KAPE has developed a technique for analyzing readability levels for Khmer text, enabling children to move from one level to the next based on their reading proficiency. The basal readers boast interactive features, multi-sensory learning, animations, and electronic questions at the end of each unit. The content, developed in close collaboration with the Department of Curriculum Development, will be approved after piloting in 2016. This software was chosen by UNESCO as one of several promising software programs for presentation at the Digital Week Conference in Paris in March 2016. 


Ensuring Quality Data


Tangerine software greatly improves Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) test validity and reliability through automated compilation of test results. The test contains five sections including: (i) Listening Comprehension, (ii) Letter Recognition, (iii) Nonsense Word Decoding, (iv) Reading Fluency, and (v) Reading Comprehension. (Developed by RTI-USAID and adapted to Khmer by KAPE)


Identifying Learning Barriers


TEST software provides electronic testing for children in Grades 1 and 2 based on standardized formative tests supporting the Ministry’s Reading Benchmark Booklets for Grades 1 and 2. These tests help teachers identify areas where individual children are struggling and provide teachers with an overview of class learning issues and progress.  (Developed by World Education)


Identifying Barriers to Learning


Literatu is an award-winning software which enables teachers to develop electronic formative tests based on lists of learning competencies identified as part of the national curriculum. The program graphically indicates the areas where students are struggling and where they are excelling. The software also lets students know where they stand in relation to their peers.  With funding from its social enterprise TTO, KAPE has launched a pilot to adapt the software to Khmer and has completed a pilot for Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. (Developed by Literatu and adapted to Khmer by KAPE)


Engaging Learners


3-D Classroom software provides excellent three-dimensional graphics which allow teachers to combine interactive visualizations with words and pedagogy, making complex subjects more interesting and easier to understand.  Voiceover features enable teachers to combine graphics with narrated explanations in Khmer.  (Developed by Sensavis and adapted to the Cambodian curriculum by KAPE)




Primary Schools


High Schools


Higher Education Institutions