Current Projects

QLE Expansion

Project Description:


This Project focuses on expanding access to preschool and primary education for children, particularly disadvantaged children who have not been in school.  receive educational service. 


The project works closely with the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth and target schools to identify barriers to access and opportunities to increase enrolment in rural and remote communities.



To increase opportunities for child development and learning outcomes.


Key Activities:


  • Map houses to identify children of all ages outside of school
  • Increase the participation of children in their education decisions
  • Improve academic results in language, mathematics, life skills
  • Provide programming support for disadvantaged children
  • Help family generate additional income to enable disadvantaged children to go to school
  • Engage community resources to help disadvantaged children
  • Support construction and renovation of schools, wells and toilets


Target Group:


Students in Grades 1 to 6 in Preschools and Primary Schools in 7 districts in Kampong Cham and 8 districts in Preah Vihear province.


The project is supported by:

Save the Children 


Primary Schools


High Schools