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Easy2Learn (E2L) - Kratie

Project Description:


The project’s goal is to develop integrated child friendly school models that are truly excellent in several dimensions including educational quality, inclusiveness, and locally stakeholder-driven i.e. parents, community, teachers, school managers. Activities and outputs in the Easy2Learn Project have been clustered into 4 groupings including (i) improved educational access; (ii) improved educational quality and relevance; (iii) early grade literacy with strong links to M-Learning; and (iv) improved school management.

KAPE is very proud of the fully integrated design that characterizes E2L.


Key Activities & Achievements


  • Increase capacity of local stakeholders (school principal, deputy, and SSC representatives) to identity, analyze, and address barriers to education
  • Provide school access supports, including scholarships
  • Ensure that teachers and school directors in target schools have the skills needed to foster child friendly school environments that are relevant to children’s needs.
  • Establish computer labs in target lower secondary schools and train school staff to manage
  • Address teacher shortages through training and support of community teachers
  • Facilitate participatory development and implementation of School Improvement Plans
  • Put Reading Benchmarks and Rapid Response System in place for struggling students to improveearly grade reading.


These activities are improving:


  • Access to education (especially for girls and vulnerable children) in target locations.
  • The effectiveness and quality of education through the development and practice of Child Friendly School approaches that are relevant to the needs of vulnerable children, especially girls.
  • Children’s reading abilities from a baseline in the early grades (Grades 1-3)
  • Management capacity of local partners to administer development assistance in a way that enhances educational access and quality as well as community outreach.


Target Group


Children in Grades 1 to 6 in 21 primary schools in the Districts of Svay Chrum and Romeas Heak in Svay Rieng province.


E2L Supported by

ChildFund Cambodia




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High Schools


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